Aspiration Inspiration Motivation (AIM) is an exciting new sign language project that is funded by the European Social Fund.

During the project there will be 21 weeks of British Sign Language training, delivered by the Merseyside Society for Deaf People.

We will learn how to sign greetings, colours, numbers and basic conversations. We will also be starting the AIM Signing Choir. The project will enable members to learn new skills and build confidence.

The AIM project will support people with learning disabilities to ASPIRE to improve themselves, be INSPIRED by their peers and to feel MOTIVATED to take part.

Our members will develop a number of skills such as:

Communication – learning basic British Sign Language will improve their ability to communicate with people from the deaf community and their peers.

Job Readiness – learning the skills needed for employment e.g. punctuality, commitment, team working and listening.

Confidence, Self Esteem and Motivation.