The Don’t Live Lonely Lives project is funded by Burbobank Community Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All

This project will enable People First Merseyside to support people with learning disabilities to learn the skills and be better informed about having healthy adult relationships.

We started the project by training our members to become Relationship Champions.  They have learnt about all aspects of relationships including sexual relationships, contraception, recognising good and bad relationships and much more

We are producing 4 easy read booklets that will help people with learning disabilities, their families and support to have discussions about all types of relationships. The booklets will be about the following subjects:

  • Relationships
  • Keeping safe in relationships
  • Consent
  • Sexual relationships

We will be holding 4 events in the Burbobank area of Sefton for people with learning disabilities to promote our new booklets and raise awareness of relationships.

Learning about consent with Trish Delves from
Sefton Sexual Health Services, November 2019

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