Today was the first time we have had members back in the office and it was lovely to see them.

We are inviting each of our members to visit the office to see the changes we have made and to talk to us about how they are feeling about returning to working in the office.

We will be talking to all our members about the changes we have made to keep everybody safe on their return. This includes having use of a bigger room so that we can maintain a safe distance, using masks and hand sanitiser and having screens for if we have to have meetings in our office. We also showed people our new gadget to take people’s temperature with.

The first member back was Emma, she was very nervous coming back into the office, after a few minutes she settled in and was quite excited to be back. We talked about all of the changes that had been made and the new way of working.

Emma said “I feel so much better now I have been back and talked about what is going to happen, I’m looking forward to getting back now.”

Our next visitor was Phil, he was also a little nervous to be back, he came in wearing his mask. We also talked to Phil about the changes and what is going to happen when people come into the office.

Phil said ” I have really missed everybody seeing people on zoom is not the same as seeing people in the flesh.

Once all of our members have had one of these visits we will be able to get back to having meetings in the office and doing what we do best.


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