This week in the DAVID Project the members discussed ideas for the introductory words for our funerals booklet. As usual they were brimming with good ideas:

Lisa: Welcome to this book all about death and dying and the journey through the planning of your own grief process.

Rebecca: I think the title welcome to the world of funerals.

Patrick: We hope you have a great life, its time to make your plan or Welcome to this Book

Siobhan: Its important we don’t scare people off.

Karen: Welcome to our book about funerals hope you find it useful.

Lisa and Rebecca: think we should have clear pictures.

Paddy: The less words we use the better.

Paul: Funerals and past lives.

Stephen: Welcome to DAVID death and dying planning booklet.

Our two student placements Natascha and Sophie were also in attendance.

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