This week in the DAVID Project members discussed the questions people would need to address when planning their own funeral.

Some of the questions that members thought would be important included:

What type of flowers would I like?

What music would I like to be played?

What clothes would I like people to wear?

What hymns or psalms would I like sung or read?

Other comments included:

Stephen C ” I would like a bench with my name on it.”

Paddy “I would like people to talk about my life.”

Michael R “I would like my ashes scattered.”

Liam ” It is important that people with learning disabilities are involved.”

Staff member Dawn shared her own experiences of organising family funerals and re-iterated the need to pre-plan.

Next week we will be continuing with funeral planning and running a brief consultation with members to see how they feel about the project so far and how it should be shaped going forward.


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