In the last two weeks, the DAVID project has been very busy!

The group held a Death Café for the people at Mersey Care. The Death Café took place in Walton Life Rooms and was a real success. The members and the attendees all had a great time and learnt a lot about Death and Dying. We all loved working with the people at the Walton Life Rooms and look for to see how we can coproduce many more events in the future!

We also attended another event at Walton Life Rooms, that presented the idea of Living Libraries. The members who attended loved this idea and are keen to stay in touch with those organising the sessions. We will soon be meeting with Ellie, who runs this project and we will be discussing this more!

We have also recently had a visit from Tom, who is a part of ‘Friends of Anfield’. This group is looking to build a heritage and visitor centre in Anfield Cemetery, they are telling the amazing life stories of some of the people who are buried there and we hope to get involved with what they are doing because we think it sounds fabulous!

Stay tuned to hear about more of the amazing things the DAVID project is doing!


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