At our last meeting of the year for the DAVID Project, the members watched some videos of unusual funeral customs around the world including a film about the “fantasy coffins” of Ghana.

Members comments on the fantasy coffins:

Paul B “I would like a tree log coffin.”

Rebecca “I would like to go into a TV or speaker.”

Stephen ” I love the idea, they must work through the night to make them in two weeks.”

Paul W “Its impressive.”

Comments on the dancing pall bearers:

Keith “That must be cool, do they ever drop it?”

General comments:

Paddy and Stephen ” The videos are funny, they tickled me.”

Paul B “I want everyone to be happy at my funeral and play disco music.”

Paddy ” I like the Catholic way better, but I understand other cultures can choose. Its good to have a choice. Things are changing”

Stephen ” I think its crazy going to a funeral in a yellow car.”

The David Project is back on Thursday, 7th January 1.30 to 3 pm when we will start looking at the topic of “Funerals“.


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