Last week members were looking at DNACPR (Do Not Attempt CPR) and were also visited by the new worker, Emma, on the DAVID Project who starts at the beginning of March. Members told Emma all about people first, what their role is in the organisation and all of the different projects they work on.

Members meeting the new worker, Emma.

This week members continued looking at DNACPR. We had a recap of last week, with members sharing with the group what they remembered from last week, followed by a quiz.

This afternoon, members worked on storyboards, putting down their ideas for how we can create a film on DNACPR.

Members storyboards for the DNACPR film

We finished today’s session by writing out each scene for the film. Members are very excited to see their ideas come to life when creating the films, with film maker Jake Ryan, in the coming months.

Members bring their ideas together to create scenes for he DNACPR film

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