On Thursday, the 10thJune at the DAVID project meeting, members looked at the work we have done and the development of the Emergency I.D Card and booklet.

Members discussed what colour they want the booklet to be.  We looked at People First Merseyside’s existing booklets to get ideas.

PFM member, Lesley explained the importance of promoting our project and how useful the information booklets are in assisting with this.

We looked at the wording and the easy read photos to help plan the best way forward. Members agreed that large, clear photographs are the best.

It was agreed the pictures should relate to the words and we plan to work with Pete Le Grys from Photosymbols. We will help to develop a bank of photographs appropriate for our project.

People First Merseyside have a range of booklets, please look on our web page.

In response to the Covid pandemic, PFM has been very fortunate to secure funding to purchase equipment and supplies to help make the office a safer environment. In light of this, on Thursday, 17th June, we will be holding a Death Cafe for our DAVID Project members to celebrate their first day back at the office together.


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