My name is Will. Back in 2016 I was getting support from Citizens Advice, they said I should go to People First Merseyside. I was dead quiet back then and I didn’t talk at first but I made a friend and began to feel better. People First Merseyside helped me with some of my problems. I’m now part of People First Merseyside’s team. I go out and do roadshows to tell people about how to recognise cancer symptoms, attend Partnership Boards and I am the Co-chair of the Transforming Care Partnership Board in Sefton with Councillor Paul Cummings. People from all over Sefton attend the meetings and we make important decisions. If it wasn’t for People First Merseyside, I wouldn’t have done anything like this. People First Merseyside made me realise I could do just about anything.

I am a mum of 3 children and I have 3 grandchildren and I moved into sheltered accommodation, it’s alright but be nice to have a washing machine to myself. I’m out all the time I take my grandchildren to Southport, New Brighton and we go to the fair in Blackpool it’s great. I have lots of friends but like to be on my own sometimes.