I did live with Mum and Dad when growing up and my brother who signs because he does not talk. I now live with a family. I found People First Merseyside because someone told me about it. I dropped into the office in Bootle early in 2020. I thought People First Merseyside would be better for me because it was friendly and lively, everyone was doing something. “ I don’t want to sit around all day.” People were friendly, they came over to me and talked to me and got me out of myself. I wanted to join in, make friends and get involved they made that easy for me. I was told about the projects and I enjoy outings and want to get involved. I have joined the dancing and a meeting but missed out on a trip to Liverpool’s ground, I want to go there.

I like music and would like to go see a band live. I would like to visit America, Paris and to see the San Francisco bridge. I would like to see the Harry Potter set and attend The Crucible in Sheffield to see live snooker. That’s the best sport to watch.