When I was at Hugh Baird College, People First Merseyside came to do a roadshow. I spoke to them about the work they did, that was in 2016. A member of People First Merseyside was in my class and he said he noticed me because I spoke out. I had lots of problems and I wanted to change, he said he thought People First Merseyside would be somewhere I could grow. When I finished College in 2018, I went to People First Merseyside, I felt everyone was helpful, so I joined after listening to their stories. I felt I could help change the way people felt about us and I was supported by everyone. I am the youngest person on the Board of Directors up to now. I hope I help keep them at the right level. I have 2 brothers who are older than me and Mum and Dad, I moved out of mum and dad’s because I needed to take care of myself.  I moved into a hostel and saved my money to get a flat, the flat didn’t work for me so I moved into supported living.

I enjoy walking outside and keeping fit. To keep myself calm I like the sunsets and having lots of friends round me. I like dancing playing basketball and I express myself by what I wear and how I do my makeup, I’m looking to do a make-up course soon.