My name in Ryan I have been a member of people firsts since 2018. I had a friend who told me about People First Merseyside. I asked my friend if I could join and she took me to the office. It was a bit scary as I didn’t know anyone, and the office was full of members. One of the staff sat down with me but that was a bit uncomfortable too as I did not know her. She talked about the projects and I decided to give one a go.

The first group I went to I felt shy and lonely and I didn’t know anyone, but I sat and listened and got interested and made friends, When I listened to everyone I got to know them. Now I like coming to People first Merseyside because I am part of them, and I like the way we bring new ideas to people.

I live at home with Mum and Dad but have been viewing supported living flats and I am looking forward to moving in and living independently. We have a dog called Fudge and we have just found out he is blind and that is why he walks into things, we can still take him out for a walk, but we must help him.

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and run and exercise all the time. I now have lots of friends and we go out to town, day trips and meals out all the time, the best thing about it is we talk a lot. I love Liverpool football club and go to matches sometimes, they’re the best.