I am Rebecca Elizabeth Ferguson. My childhood was great, I lived with my Aunty and she adopted me. I was born first, then my sister and then my brother.  It was good living there, we used to do nice things, like go on holidays.

My Aunty Elaine went with me to People First Merseyside and we met Helen when the office was in 3tc, Crosby. I came to People First Merseyside once a week on a Monday.

Now I’m a Director of People First Merseyside and take part in all the projects. I come in every day. We do roadshows, attend conferences and I was invited to do a reading at an event in the Liverpool Cathedral.

I have made friends in People First Merseyside. I like People First Merseyside because it made my life better, it’s helped make me more confident. I have learned how to meet and socialise with new people. People First Merseyside has changed my life for the better, and I travel by myself now so am more confident. I will stay in People First Merseyside ’til I’m old.

I live in a shared house. We are planning to go on holiday and in the future I want to travel the world.

I have a fiancé his name is Phil.