Hi my name is Rachel, I have two brothers and we all lived at home with Mum and Dad, I would meet Lesley on the bus because she lived by us and we would talk. One day, Lesley on the bus had a People First T shirt on and I asked her what it was. Lesley told me about a road show she was going to and how it was professional to all wear the company T shirt, she looked smart.

I decided to go and see the office for myself and see what projects I could be involved with. I am now a member of People First Merseyside and it gets me out and helps me be more active.

I moved into a house in 2019 with my daughter, Emily. It has a garden and it’s by my mums so I can walk to her house. I like living independently.


I love going shopping and meeting up with friends, I use to help muck out my friend horse and go to the sailing at the Albert Dock. I’ve been in a speed boat and sailed round the dock.

I enjoy my relaxation colouring books and baking, I’m good at that. I enjoy watching my soaps. I hope to get more involved in People First Merseyside