My name is Phillip Hume and I am originally from Luton, Bedfordshire. For the majority of my life I lived in care, due to being diagnosed from an early age with Epilepsy. Now I have been cured of Epilepsy and I am living in the community in my own flat. I have parents, one sister, two brothers and I am an uncle and great uncle. I have loads of friends and a fiancée whose name is Rebecca.

I heard about People First Merseyside while I was living in Parkhaven Trust in Maghull while I was living in care and People First Merseyside came to do a training course. I said “If they can do that, so can I.” This was in 2005.

In 2008 I moved out of care to live independently and I joined People First Merseyside and it changed my life for the better. At People First Merseyside I am involved with all the projects, attending roadshows, conferences, coffee mornings, and the Get Involved Group (GIG).

I have achieved so much; I have Qualifications in Business Admin Literacy, Number I.T., Cookery, Etc. While I have been part of People First Merseyside where I have been Deputy Chair, Chairperson, Director, Host, Secretary, Health Champion and I did Hate Crime training with Merseyside Police for 5 years.

I would like to visit France and see the Eiffel Tower, to visit Old Trafford as I am a Man United Supporter and meet Robbie Williams. I am part of a Tuesday club, Thursday club and I attend two social clubs. I enjoy football, snooker, pool, darts, bowling and I love singing solo and I am in a choir.

In my future I would like to live a healthy life, to be happy, to be around my friends and to be part of People First Merseyside for as long as I can.