My name is Paul Walsh I have got an African Grey parrot, his name is Max. I’ve got a good friend her name is Rebecca, I call her Bex. She came to school and college with me, she asked me to come to People First Merseyside and we arranged to meet outside the office and took me in to meet members. People First Merseyside has changed my life completely, when I first started I was quite shy and nervous. I have been a chairperson for the group which I’m proud of and on the Board of Directors. I am a Host for People First Merseyside and I welcome people in and tell them about People First Merseyside. People First Merseyside has helped a lot with my confidence and it gets me out all week. If I wasn’t at People First Merseyside I would be stuck in the house Monday-Friday. My Dad said he’s really pleased I joined People First Merseyside. I love coming here, it’s a nice place and staff are nice and friendly. It’s a good organisation to be involved with. I am getting involved with all kinds of projects here, I have just done a roadshow, and I’m made up with myself for that.

I go cycling and walking and I like playing pool with friends and family. I  do loads of different projects.