Hi, my name is Paul, I first found out about People First Merseyside at my drama group. A friend told me about People First Merseyside, it sounded interesting. I thought it would be good to do the roadshows and get involved with the projects.
I did not know how to join so I just turned up at the People first office one day and the staff sat with me and talked to me about the projects.

I liked what they said about People first Merseyside and wanted to take part in the projects, get more involved. I needed to be more involved and make new friends.
I live in a shared house and I like it. I have family in New Zealand and a sister down south who comes to see me.

I enjoy growing things in my garden it’s like a mini allotment, I grow cabbage, carrots and apples. I would like to do more gardening.
When I relax, I listening to music and like watching comedy. I would like to visit Australia because I love the way they talk, and I’m interested in the animals especially the kangaroos.
I have been in a play “The Greatest Showman” I was the tattoo man and we got fantastic reviews. In the future I hope to be part of the People First Merseyside roadshows and films.