I am Patrick Burke, but people know me as Paddy.  I Grew up on a farm in my institution where I fed the pigs herd the cattle. I was really shy when I first started People First but they soon knocked that out of me. I’m one of the founding members of People First Merseyside back in 1988. I got involved with PFM when two people came and did a presentation in my institution where I lived they said that they need some people to help them out to start a speaking up group.

I have no family in the country but one of my carers iv had for years have adopted me as family. People who are close to me are from People First Merseyside. I would like to see young people come in to the company and take it to the next level and we can grow. I get involved with all the projects its good.

We do lots of work Road shows and important stuff and when David  died he was a good friend, so we all decided to start a project in his honour.

My wish for the future is I would like to have a house in Spain so I can Swim, Dancing and Singing in a Choir.

I love gardening and grow lots of flowers and vegetables.