I found People First Merseyside back in 2017 my family helped me make contact. The People First Merseyside office was full of people, very noisy at first as everyone said hello. I enjoyed my first visit and met some new friends. When I first went to the office, I did not know anyone, I know everyone now. The thing I like the best is going out to events. We go to loads of places; we have coffee mornings; everyone can come. We make sure we talk to everyone. We have been to the fairground, the Cathedral and Liverpool football ground where we saw all the trophies, the restaurant and even went into the changing rooms. I tell people about People First Merseyside and what we do just in case they want to come. I live with my brother and my sister its good.

I do the garden mainly planting and weeding I enjoy it. We visit Southport for a day out and get lunch. I watch the football cricket and Formula 1. We have been to Silverstone to watch the race, it rained very heavy, but they still raced and then the sun came out. I like to play darts and do jigsaws at home.