I first found People First Merseyside  a while ago in the Bootle office.  I found the organisation when attending a course in Hugh Baird College. A teacher told me about it so at lunch time I went for a walk to find the office, it’s in Bootle and easy to find. When I arrived 2 members of staff talked me through some interesting things they did, it was a very good talk. It’s great at People First Merseyside, it’s full of people. I was surprised to find I knew most of them from college and school. I was shy back then. I’ve been working hard to not get upset so I can get a job on the board. We can all have a job if we are committed. I live in shared accommodation; I have a sister Elaine who helps me, but she has a job so it’s hard to fit in visits.  

I enjoy going to Birkenhead to see all my friends and  I travel on the bus or Ferry and want to learn to use the train. I have lots of DVDs and CDs and enjoy music a lot, Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette but Bette Middler is my favourite. I do floristry and I enjoy making things for people’s birthdays. I love going out with friends and we are planning a holiday in Llandudno.