Autism Liaison Officer.

My name is Lisa Smeaton and I started at People first as the Autism Liaison officer at the beginning of October 2020. I have been working in the mental health sector for the last 14 months or so and have really enjoyed meeting the people I have supported so far. I am looking forward to getting stuck into the Autism Liaison Officer role and helping people as much as I can.
The aim of the Autism Advocacy service is to help people with Autism gain confidence in their abilities and speak up about what they need and want. It is also designed to give them some confidence to make that first contact and introductions with other services, that may be able to assist them with certain issues that they may have for example benefit claims.
I am born and bred in Liverpool and proud to call it my home. I live with my parents and younger sister, and we have a labradoodle called Jasper, who’s an old man now at 13. He’s a daft dog but I wouldn’t have him any other way. We also have a cat, called Luna, who is 6 and has one good eye as the other was damaged through possibly having cat flu as a kitten. She was part of a litter that was born to a cat who, ended up at a rescue centre based in a lady’s house in St Helens along with the kittens.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, but a book has to grab me, that way I’m quiet for hours. I also enjoy cross stitching and knitting. I also enjoy spending time with my brother, his partner and my niece. I am an animal lover with my favourite animals including tigers, elephants, horses and of course cats and dogs.