About 12 years ago a friend told me about a group she went to called People First Merseyside she asked me to come with her to see if I liked it. I went to a meeting and I thought everyone was older than me and it might not be for me. I liked the sound of what they were doing, and I thought we could bring more young people to the meetings, so I joined.

One thing about people first is you can make a difference when you are a member and help the next generation of PLDs. I enjoy the training and the presenting the most.

People first Merseyside gives me some knowledge, confidence, life skills I need to find my own way in life. I think it’s important that people need to know about stuff and are not kept in the dark. They should be involved with every aspect of life.

I live on my own and love it. I have lots of friends and I go out with them.

I love acting for a long time iv wanted to be an actor. On stage is where I feel most comfortable. I enjoy singing and drama and go to the theatre when I can the last show I saw was Wicked.