My Name is Liam Welsh I live in Bootle.I attended projects at People First Merseyside. I have a brother and my best mate is Michael Reid.  Friends told me about People First Merseyside and I came with my friend Michael Reid to visit PFM when the office was in Crosby in 1990

PFM is very interesting, they helped me with problems, and they were good? They gave me a place to go and I was trained to be a treasurer,host,chairpersonand to answer the phones. I go to conferences and we make a newsletter and sent them to people who might be interested. I’m part of the projects and I’m feeling great about that. I really like PFM because it helped me make friends. Every time I start a project I go round different places and meet new people I enjoy drama and visiting places.

I learned how to write and speak more slowly and get more involved with the projects.

In the future I want to cut down on drinking larger. I like to watch more TV,  play snooker.

I am an Everton supporter.