My name is Lesley Curran, I am a nice person. My Friends Haylie and Phil where members of People First Merseyside, we went to college together they told me to come to People First Merseyside in 2010.

Now I am a member of People First Merseyside, I like talking to people and telling them about People First Merseyside.

I do Road shows attend conferences and go to meetings. I do lots of computer work and I help to make plans so we can get out. I am part of all the projects some are hard but I take part in everything.

I did travel training and now have the confidence to travel. I now have lots of friends.

I have a lovely family and i live in my own flat, my mum lives over the road.  I like to listen to music, watch football and go out with my boyfriend.

I wish I could win the lottery and go on an aeroplane abroad.