My name is Keith, when I was attending a course at college my tutor Elaine said People First Merseyside was an interesting group and I should go and see for myself. Our college group attended a coffee morning at People First Merseyside and it was good. Not long after that I called into the office by myself, it was easy to find because it’s very central in Bootle New Strand, all the buses go there.  I was petrified because it was new, and I did not know anyone. I find it scary being face to face with people. Everyone was friendly and I didn’t feel intimidated like in some places.  I joined People First Merseyside at the beginning of 2020 and I’m looking forward to doing stuff and just getting involved. I live in a flat and had to learn how to do housework and cook, I am still not very tidy but I’m working on it. I have a brother who I see on Sundays for lunch and we go to the pub quizzes together.  

I like travel but that’s stopped for now I’d like to find someone to do it with. I still walk not just short walks I can walk as far as 8 -10 miles.  I have a good memory and like to talk about the past, I am very chatty, and I know I need to learn to concentrate more.  I’m good at pop quizzes and I can remember most of the old music not so good on the new stuff. Liverpool is my team and I like to listen on the radio to matches.