My name is Karen Duffy.  I have a house that I am happy in. I have good friends in and outside of People First and family in Llandudno. I found out about People First through the job centre adviser. It is a lovely place, safe with good friends. When I first joined in 2016 they all welcomed me and I was made up coming. I thought I would be frightened to be honest but I really enjoyed it, they were brilliant with me and I just love coming here. It’s a safe place to be.’ It’s gorgeous.’ I used to be shy and I’m outgoing NOW.  I get out more now, I love going on the days out and meals out. At People First Merseyside I have a job, I do all the projects 5 days a week. I am part of the Road Show and help present the workshops. We go to different places like conference’s and lots of other trips to nice places.

I do computer work on the projects, where I look at how people use to live it is cool. All the projects are boss I love them. My Wish is to learn to Water-ski, Bungee jump and Win the lottery.  I would like to go back to Paris on holiday with my boyfriend sometime. I enjoy walking a lot, I go, Bowling, to  College, Sewing, doing all the things. I like the roadshows and just getting involved in everything. It’s nice to go to nice places, my best job would be working with children and babies all the time. Why don’t you come join.