My name is Geraldine Crawley, I first came to People First Merseyside in 2010, my social worker ask me to visit People First Merseyside and she said I might be interested.

We had a meeting with members they told me about the group and I joined.

I have been on the board of directors and a host, I attend projects every week and get involved. I enjoy coming every week to the office and have made nice friends.

I have also done some work around hate crime with the police and Black and other Racial Minority (BRM) Communities.  I have been to conferences in Blackpool and I would love to go again.

I enjoy People First Merseyside, I am proud of the work we do.  It helps me to believe in myself and improves my self-esteem.

I spent a lot of time after school in a home then moved to supported living recently I moved to my own flat, I still get support every day but I am getting more independent every day. My goal is to go to Benidorm on holiday, and eventually get married. I have not met the special person yet. Every day I go to an activity, I get out as much as I can because I’m lonely. People First Merseyside have helped me to meet new people and get involved in projects. I go for meals at the weekend and go to coffee shops, I attend a computer course and love going shopping.