Hi, my name is Emma Louise Grange. I have a learning disability. I am Director, Editor and Secretary at People First Merseyside.  I heard about People First Merseyside from a school mate. I gave them a ring and talked to a worker who invited me to visit and I’ve been coming every day since 2016. I attend conferences, meetings and roadshows and speak out for people with learning disabilities.

I support members by helping them use the computers, I explain things when members don’t understand, help with writing and reading and help complete diaries.  I have a go at doing everything.  I have loads of friends at People First Merseyside and from loads of other places.


I live with mum and dad, my dad and my sister are my carers. I have two sisters and one brother and we go on holiday abroad together.

I like snooker and darts and watch Liverpool playing, I play computer tennis, I enjoy dancing but I like being on my own sometimes and using my tablet.

I don’t know what the future holds. I would like to get a job and go traveling in America and do performing arts, my dream would be to be a Disney star.