My name is Alex, I joined People First Merseyside in 2002. One of the members told me about People First Merseyside and I wanted to join because I like working with people. I do lots of things, I have been on the Board of Directors and we did lots of good work. I would like to be on more projects and need to join in more. I was very active but sometimes I get sick and cannot attend. I like people and People First Merseyside has lots of people who are all friends, it’s good.

I live independently in a bungalow its full of my collectables. I collect cars, they are still in the boxes. I collect CDs, I have about 2000 or even more, they are all round my room. I do like music, my favorite is the Pet Shop Boys. I watch a lot of action films, cowboy films and James bond. My favorite Bond is Roger Moore. I go into Liverpool One in the City of Liverpool; I go with my support and I’ve been going for 20 odd years. The people in the pubs know me and I get discount on my meals, oh and they serve me first. I also volunteer in Home Bargains, I’ve worked there since 2008. I work 1 day a week stacking the shelves.  I’ve got good friends there.  I really enjoy my job.