On Sunday 13th June Jade, Karen, Joanne and Helen travelled to Skipton in Yorkshire to deliver a cancer Red Flag Symptoms and Lung Health roadshow.

When we got there, we met up for tea with the lovely gang from ‘Exclusively Inclusive’ and ‘Keyring’. We met Dale, Nicola, Christopher and Katie. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the work we are doing in our areas. We also talked about how we had all coped with the lockdowns. It’s really amazing to hear how self advocacy groups have kept going, adapted to new ways of working and supported each other through a very difficult time.

On Monday 14th June we went to deliver our roadshow to the group. It was great fun and really interactive. We talked about lung health and how we can keep our lungs healthy. We then went on to talk about spotting the small changes to our bodies that could be a symptom of cancer. We had some great discussions and the group from Skipton got really involved.

At the end of the session we got some lovely feedback about how well the session was delivered and how interactive it was.

Before the roadshow, Jade said “I’m really nervous, this is my first time running the roadshow.” but afterwards she said “I really enjoyed it, I felt better once we got going and felt more confident at the end.”

Karen said “It was great, the group were lovely. I had a great time.”

We have already made some plans to meet up with the Skipton group again to do something more social in the future.


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