It has been the third week of the computer course taught to our members by Jayne Moss from Sefton Community Learning Services (SCLS). For this session, the members learnt how to search for information using the browser, such as typing in a website’s address and using a search engine like Google.

The members got to find out lots of information about a subject of their choosing, which ranged from an actor’s/actress’ work in the film industry, to how to make any type of cake, to all the many places of the world.

Paul and Patrick searching for answers.

Many members got to learn about the many things that are spread out on the internet and can easily be accessed with a simple search term and a few clicks. Here’s some of the things our members got to find out about.

“It was very interesting. I searched for different types of dogs. Out of all the dogs, I prefer the cocker spaniel.”

Paul Walsh

“I got to check what the weather forecast was and places in Spain that could be good to go to on holiday.”

Nicola Hall

It’s clear that our members are starting to grow more confident with using a computer which is a sign of great progress for everyone! Our members patiently wait for the next week.


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