On the second week of our computer course, the group learnt how to use Microsoft Word.

The task that the group did in the session was typing up a poem named Four Seasons. The poem featured a lot of punctuation such as commas and semi-colons, so not only did the members have to learn how to type sentences, but also apply proper punctuation using a keyboard. On top of that, the members also learnt about the spell check function that Microsoft Word has, making the process of correcting typos and misspelling errors much more convenient.

Michael and Nicola busy with work!

One of our members who is a team leader, Robert, was supporting two other members, Karen and Lesley. Robert had this to say, “It was tough at first, there were many mistakes but there’s something so rewarding watching the members making the mistakes, showing them how to fix the mistake, and the next time a mistake was made, they knew how to fix it without support.”

The members are enjoying learning about computers and are excited to learn more in the coming weeks of the computer course.


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