This week at People First Merseyside, the members started to learn about staying safe online. This ranges from using social media to interacting with people online.

A lot of our members use the internet to keep in touch with one another while outside of the office. We all learnt how important this was when Covid started to spread and people had to stay inside. With the use of Zoom, many of our members were able to still talk with each other, which made the whole Covid situation a lot less lonely. While using the internet has helped our members cope, it is important to be aware that the internet can also be dangerous and there are various things to look out for whilst using it.

To start off, we focused on social media because this is one of the main reasons our members use the internet – to keep in touch with one another. Social media can be harmful to those who are not careful, so we discussed topics such as making your profile private, what or what not to share with others online, and not accepting friend requests from people you don’t know.

Lesley and Michael online

While you can not eliminate all the risks while using the internet, you can at least lower the chances of anything bad happening by being aware.


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