Our member Lisa has written and recorded a poem set to music about the Covid-19 outbreak. She had this to say:

During lockdown I have been doing a lot more poetry and story writing. This is just one of the poems I have done. As you can hear/see, it is about the Covid-19 outbreak, lockdown and a combination of my feelings and the feelings of the nation.
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening/reading!

‘The Attack of 2020’
By Lisa Frith
22 June 2020

An invisible invasion
is attacking our whole way of life.
Thousands gone; we wonder why.
It seeps into our homes and our lungs
Taking our breath, choking us all in our sleep.

So, we go overboard protecting the most cared-for.
Where there is generations gone in a blink of an eye.
Where there will be no-one there to say their last goodbye.
A few angels with gloves to wipe their eye.
No hugs or smiles
can ever unsee what the nurses and doctors have seen

So, we clap for our nations hero’s.
Stay in, Stay safe is
how we say THANK YOU
to everyone on the front line.

Lockdown at home running out of things to do
so, we go on ticktock and zoom.
Finding new ways to see the people in our lives.
We are all so far apart yet closer than ever before.

Sir Colonel Tom makes us all
believe that anything is possible
if we all
have confidence
in this messed up world
that we all live in.


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