We chose beautiful day to have our first meet up with members. For those who felt comfortable meeting up we had a socially distant picnic and a walk around Crosby Beach and Marine Lake.

We all brought our blankets and our lunch so that we could maintain a 2 metre distance from each other. This was easy to do out in the open air and space of Crosby Lakeside.

Today was also the first official People First Merseyside activity for our advocacy Liaison worker Daniel as all of his work has been in lockdown and done via zoom! He did say he didn’t know how tall or short people were because he had only seen them on a screen!!

It was great to see everyone, we were joined by Phil, Paddy, Emma, Will, Racheal, Jayne, Stephen, Lesley and Simon.

Even though we have seen each other on zoom it was great to see each other in person. Phil was so excited to see everyone he was singing and dancing!!

Paddy said “when we get back to normal it would be great to do more walking like this.”

Racheal said “I have really enjoyed being with everyone again.”

We will definitely be doing it again.


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