In 2021 something really significant is happening to the whole of the country, in March 2021 there is going to be the Census.

The census happens every 10 years and it is a way for the government to gather information about the people who live in Great Britain on one specific day in March this is going to be March 21st 2021.

Yesterday we met Dave Yorke from the Office of National Statistic who’s job it is to carry out the census next year. He came to talk to us about what the census is and ask us what we thought.

Our members asked him lots of questions especially about what support they are going to provide for people with learning disabilities who will struggle to complete the form.

The members who are ‘experts by experience’ offered Dave lots of advice about what he could do to make sure that people with learning disabilities are part of this historic event and they are able to stand up and be counted.

We will be doing more work with Dave in the new year so watch this space for more information.


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