Our fun Friday sessions have been running every week since June. They have been a great way for us to all wind down at the end of the week after lots of hard work.

We have had lots of fun playing games like Bingo and Play Your cards right. We have also had a couple of discos where we all got to have a good dance and singalong.

When we first started the sessions, the staff were coming up with the ideas and putting together the activities but more recently members of the group have been volunteering to put together and run the sessions themselves.

Jade has run a logo quiz and a general knowledge quiz.

Jayne has run an animal themed quiz.

Today, Emma and Jayne has put together a ‘Guess who’ quiz where they gave us clues and we had to guess who the clues were about. It was quite tricky but lots of fun.

Jessica said “I love being with People First Merseyside, its incredible.”

Jayne said “The sessions have been good, its nice to end the week on a laugh.”

Phil said “Like with the sing and sign language, after a busy week this is a highlight of the week for me, we enjoy ourselves, relax and have a bit of fun.”

Jade “It’s been a joy to be able to show you my talents putting together the quizzes, its rewarding and having everyone else involved.”

we will be continuing our Fun Friday sessions over the coming weeks. If anyone would like to join us, just let us know so we can share the Zoom code with you.


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