It’s been fun Friday again for us at People First Merseyside this afternoon.

We played a game called ‘Truth or Lie.’ We all had to tell 3 stories about ourselves, 2 were true and 1 was a lie. Everybody else had to guess which one was the lie.

It was lots of fun and we found out some things that we never knew about each other before. We bet you can’t guess who got blown over by a helicopter on the beach, who was an extra in a Seth Rogen film, who set the fire alarm off when they were in school or who tried to teach their dog tricks.

Jade said “Today taught us more about ourselves and helped us get to know each other.”

Stephen said “It was interesting and fun finding out about people.”

Emma said “It was a well played game today and we learnt things we didn’t know about each other.”

Paul B said “It was brilliant, we got to know each other better.”

Our Fun Friday sessions continue next week with Daniel’s disco. If anyone would like to join us to hear some of our favourite songs and have a dance in the afternoon, give us a call on 0151 329 2137.


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