Today for our ‘Fun Friday’ our very own Jade put together a logo quiz. She worked really hard putting it together so we could have some fun.

Some of the members found it easy and other struggled to guess what they were, it is hard to guess what they are when you don’t see the logo where it should be like on a tube of Pringles or on a computer.

Jade said “I did the quiz because I thought it would be good to get everyone together and have some fun. I enjoy putting things like this together as I think I make people happy when I do it. I want to do more.

Phil said “Thank you Jade I enjoyed it, it’s all about the taking part.”

Jayne said ” I surprised myself I got more than I thought I would, I’m so glad I joined in.”

Paul said “It was fun looking at the pictures, it’s fun being with my friends.”

Stephen said “It was fun taking part it was nice to do.”

Keith said “I enjoyed it very much, we are all winners.”


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