The DAVID Project has been busy creating Easy Read resources as well as activity booklets that we plan to test run very soon, with other groups. They are looking brilliant already and all the hard work from the DAVID Members will ensure that they are a huge success!

The members have also been working on their sensory stories and we look forward to hearing them! The sensory work has been a great success and will be spoken about in our People First Merseyside Podcast. We have also been beginning work on sensory case studies. This has been done by thinking of a character and making the sensory experience relate to aspects of the character, we hope to develop this in the next few weeks.

Next week we are having another of our famous Death Cafes for Mersey Care in the Life Rooms. As we are currently having very successful practices and organising everything that will be happening that afternoon, we are confident that it will be amazing as well as very helpful to those who will attend.

Stay Tuned for More!


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