In our final task and finish group on religion the members looked at Judaism. The group learnt about the history of this fascinating religion and watched videos on Bar Mitzvahs, funeral traditions and the meanings behind the rituals in Jewish weddings.

Members quotes:

Phil: “Thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon’s zoom meeting and going through all the religions, but I loved the two orthodox weddings.

Paul B: “I have enjoyed studying about the David Project, studying about Moses and I have deeply, deeply enjoyed about the Jewish religion, I personally would like to study more. I have also liked the hats they wear in the weddings, they r cool but most of all I would like to try and wear them other black hats they wear. I think they are cool again. Thank you Dawn Holmes and Jan Comer.”

Stephen: “It is interesting how they celebrate Jewish weddings.”

Paddy: “The videos are very good. I enjoyed the bible story about Moses.”

Next week Jan will be running a refresher session on the six religions for the people who may have missed some days.


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