This week in the DAVID Project, members watched a series of videos concluding our study of Islam. The group learned about what it is like to be a Muslim living in Britain today and the work of the charity Islamic Relief.

The group also found out about the work of an Islamic Imam and watched a video featuring three young women talking about wearing the hijab.

Members quotes:

Jessica: ” It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. I like all the different types of religion.”

Paul: “I enjoyed it today, there is a lot to take in of all the religions there is in the world we live in but I am still enjoying it. I just cant wait to until we get back into the office, thank you again Jan and Dawn. I am looking forward to next week.”

Lisa: “I am really enjoying learning about religions as part of the DAVID Project. I write down the links to the videos and I watch them at the weekend and studied the cultures and faiths and beliefs to help me absorb it more.”

Next week in the DAVID Project we will be taking a look at Judaism.


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