This week was session 8 of our Bootle Sing and Sign Choir with Helen Andrews.

We started by going over some of the many songs we have already learnt before moving onto some more new ones.

This week we leant the Glee version of ‘Ding Ding, The Witch is Dead’ and ‘Back in Time’ from Back to the Future.

Being part of the Choir helps us to understand the meaning behind the songs. Helen Andrews explains what the songs are about about and why we use the British Sign Language (BSL) signs that we do. We have learnt about placement and directional signs and how they can be used to tell the story.

It was great to welcome Geraldine back this week. She joined in with the choir and sang along beautifully to the songs we were signing.

Here are a couple of videos and photographs to show you what we learnt this week.


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