Our Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation (AIM) project started a few weeks ago. Due to lockdown we had to change the project around a little bit.

We were supposed to start with 20 weeks of British Sign Language (BSL) training for our members with Merseyside Society for Deaf People (MSDP) and then introduce sing and sign sessions to help us remember the signs that we have learnt.

Instead, we started with the sing and sign part of the project first in June after MSDP closed during lockdown. We will be starting the training with MSDP later in the year.

Helen Andrews, is a freelance BSL tutor from BSL For You and has been leading our sing and sign sessions on Zoom.

The sessions have been fantastic and we have already learnt lots of new songs and signs. We have been learning Wonderful world, Somewhere over the rainbow, Ferry ‘cross the Mersey, Imagine and lots more.

Our members have been practising hard in between sessions. Here are a couple of videos to show you what we have been learning.

Jade – Signing ‘Imagine’
Emma – Signing ‘Ferry ‘cross the Mersey’

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