For the last year we have been working on our new website working on refreshing it. We have consulted with our members to make changes and make sure members were involved every step of the way.

Now that our website is live we want make sure that we keep it fresh and up to date. We also want to continue involving our members to help them develop the skills to update it on their own in the future.

Today we went through the website step by step to explain how it works and how to find things. We looked at members profiles to check they were happy with them. Some of the members wanted to make changes to their profiles.

Jayne said “I think it is good to have because it can bring new people to the organisation and keeps people up to date with what’s going on.”

Paul said ” I think it’s very good because it’s very colourful and being able to see all of the members and paid workers on it. It’s good being able to keep it up to date ourselves.”

Stephen ” I think the website is good because I can check the calendar to see what’s going on.”


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